Aqua Filter King Stainless Steel Bottle

Aqua Filter King Personal Water Filtration

The proven alternative to bottle water and the solution to cleaning your own tap water on the go!

Aqua Filter King offers the most complete product line of portable, clean-water filtration bottles, available. Our products include standard filters for tap water and day-to-day use as well as advanced filter products for outdoor to survival applications. We offer a variety of portable water filtration bottles, pure drinking straws and home water pitchers that work for every life style and fit any budget.


  • Environmentally-friendly filtered water products
  • BPA Free, 100% Reusable & Recyclable
  • Worlds First Stainless Steel Water Filter Bottle
  • ISO 9001 Compliant & Made in the USA
Standard Everyday Personal Water Filtration Solution
Everyday Personal Water Filtration
Advanced Personal Personal Water Filtration Systems
Advanced Filtration Systems
Aqua Filter King Direct Replacement Filters & Parts
Replacement Filters & Parts


Water Givers International is a proud distributor of Advanced Water Filter Bottles to children living in desperate situations around the world. Working through multiple domestic and International Organizations like Aqua Filter King we can give immediate relief to better prevent the spread of water born disease. “Give a child a bottle of water it will last a few hours, give a child a water filter bottle it will last for months.”

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